Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Things to Say to Christian Kids

This morning I had the opportunity to speak at Piedmont Christian School's Chapel. The age range 3 to 17. Yes, you read that right.

So what does one speak to at a Christian school? (Last time I spoke on the Greatest commandment - to love God and love others ...(also I had a Bible Coloring book for an object lesson)

I spoke on the importance of what it means to be a Christian. the lessons of:

1. Be Transformed different from Romans 12:1-2

2. Be loving from 1 John 4:7,8

3. Be Courageous - have a heart for Jesus and the lost from Jonah 4.

So if you had a platform to speak to Christian kids and children what would you tell them?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Coyote near my home

I was cutting the grass of my yard on my riding lawn mower when I came across this creature. (I looked online to see exactly what the animal was) At first I thought it was a gray fox but too big (It was the size of a dog) ..... It crossed the road into my yard and then into the woods behind my house to never be seen again. There have been a few times I've seen this animal near our home. A fox, coyote, wild dog? Seems odd for the animal to be here but oh well ..welcome to the neighbourhood ...along with the turtles, frogs, deer, skunks, mice, cats, wolf spiders, racoons and other creatures that we've sen in the year or so we been here. There goes the neighbourhood.

Aging With Grace Seminar

I recently went to an "Aging with Grace" seminar sponsored by the Virginia Council of Churches .... very interesting session. It had a variety of churches, health care organizations and resources in the Central Virginia area ...

I went to two breakout sessions: From Prayer to Practical and Legal documents (From wills, to end of life care) both well worth it. Then we broke for lunch and had time for to see all the different vendors. The facilities (Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center) were amazing.

The afternoon, key note speaker, was ok. His premise of King David aging with grace was flawed .... and dream of "Building the temple" so therefore if we have a dream we might not see it but it can be completed. (A bunch of crock if you ask me almost a name it and claim type but I digress). Overall, the day was good ...lots of networking and resources for the ministry. The only disappointment for me was I wish more people were there. One of the vast criticisms I kept hearing was that those in the ministry don't visit in the hospitals, nursing homes, the shut-in because they don't care or have the time. I pray we change this view.

So what resources do you have to help the aging boomer population?

Friday, September 19, 2014

An old post from 2003: Dare to Dance with a cat.

Dare to Dance with a Cat

Yesterday I did it. I danced with my cat. His name is Pepe. It was a fast song some group named the Supertones. Anyways, I picked him up and we danced. Not really good and not really too fast. But do know know what happens when you dance with a cat?
Yesterday, I found out quick. It wasn't the pain, nor the clawing that got me. It was the shock. Here I had a peaceful loving pet; and suddenly ...without warning I was toast or rather a scratching post. Will I do it again? Probably not for some time. But some of us would dare to.

Now I got thinking that is how it is with us in our lives. Something looks good, but actually is bad for us. We dance with it; thinking it. (Let's call it by its name Sin). would not harm us. But soon there is the shock, the pain, and the wanting to do it again. So easy to dance with sin than it is with God isn't it? Sometimes in the midst of my own sinfulness I forget.

Dancing with a cat, how silly is that? Its as silly as dancing with sin, but a lot of people are doing that too.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Watch Dogs 2014.

Went to a meeting about being a watch dog in my children's schools. Should be a good thing. Anyone else involved?

I know my friend, Shawn Williams is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Currently Reading: Summer/Fall 2014

Along with the many resources for studies, lessons, commentaries .... I just finished Perry Noble's book and in the midst of the Preaching distracted resource and the 6 questions book is for a Fusion group study that is upcoming in October.

So what are you reading?

2014 Pastors For Family Values Summit

so last Thursday I went to this event sponsored by the Family Foundation at the Greater Richmond Convention Center (which BTW is where ICOM 2015 will be and I can't wait ..unless the Lord comes again)

There were several speakers, including: Dr. Del Tackett, Dean Inserra, Victoria Cobb and others.

Here are some quotes of the day:

Dr. Tackett:

"We got to get back to the teaching/ preaching of the triune God. We made God personal but not Holy. We need to be careful how we treat the nature of God. Understand the diversity and unity of Him."

"When we take the design of God to twist to fit our ways won't work."

"Truth is not the end game of God .... Truth leads us to life ...and Life eternal."

Dean Inserra (By far the best speaker of the day)

"Casual Christianity is dying. It is not about your happiness but your redemption."

"Minister to the culture as is not the way you wish it should be."

" 'Thus saith the lord' doesn't change with the times."

(In speaking of the sin of homosexuality) "Heterosexuality is not the goal .... holiness is."

"God is not the sex nazi. "No sex for you." Sex is for married people."

"People matter and we are to address the hot button issues."

"Be consistent ...address divorce, living together is about redemption."

"Don't dare compare Same sex marriage to Civil rights. wish more African American pastors address this."

Victoria Cobb:

"The Gospel covers everything in Culture."

"Pastors know the truth but afraid of sharing it."

"Government is either a friend or adversary of the Gospel."

Some pastors focus on three things: tithe, attendance, and square footage. We need pastors who stand for the Gospel.

Dean Nelson:

5 Reasons why Marriage matters?

1. God's Design.
2. Marriage protects women.
3. Health benefits and prtection of Children.
4. Lifts people out of poverty and into prosperity.
5. Picture for unity as Christ/ Church Lamb/Bride. Rev. 19:7

A good encouraging day .... one of the resounding themes seems to be that the Church has been a sleeping Giant and needs to wake up and take a stand and be Pro-Family, Pro-life and Pro-Jesus and not just social, politics, but in all areas of life ... Stand Firm ..don't let the devil get a foot hold.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Parables New Sermon Series

This past Sunday we started a new sermons on the Parables. I gave out a 3 wk reading plan so we can be reading together on the parables (Notice Day 3 should be Matt. 13 not Matt.4) Looking forward to how an earthly story has a heavenly meaning.

Good Advice From a Friend.

I love this article from my friend, Rick R. Lead guy at Fairmount Christian. If you know someone are are this person help. Great advice.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In Defense of the Small Church.

I love the church. I love the church no matter her size. Sometimes the Small Church takes a hit. I was reading the latest July/August Outreach magazine ....It had a Resource Guide for Small Church America. (Well worth the price of this issue)

The Stats and info were a wake up Call.

Here is a sample:

About 63 Million people of 20.4 percent of the population attend church each Sunday - American Sociological Review

The Average Church attracts fewer than 90 adults on a typical weekend. 60% of protestant churches have 100 or fewer adults on a typical weekend. Just 2% of churches attract more than 1 000 adults on a typical weekend - Barna.

90% of congregations have 350 or fewer people. -National Congregations study

The Medium U.S. Congregation has just 75 regular participants and an annual budget of $90000. National Congregational Study.

Churches of 200 or less are Four times more likely to plant a Daughter Church than churches of 1000 or more. The Pattern continues - the smaller the size of the church the more fertile they are in planting churches. - Lifeway.

The Church to population ratio in the United States peaked at one church for every 430 people In World War 1, But Today there is only one church for every 6, 194 people. In Canada the ratio is 1: 115, 040. - North American Mission Board (outreach magazine - July/Aug. 2014. pg.71)

Looks like we have a lot of work to do ...big church, small church ... The Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church and the challenge is to reach the lost. Are you with me?