Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In Defense of the Small Church.

I love the church. I love the church no matter her size. Sometimes the Small Church takes a hit. I was reading the latest July/August Outreach magazine ....It had a Resource Guide for Small Church America. (Well worth the price of this issue)

The Stats and info were a wake up Call.

Here is a sample:

About 63 Million people of 20.4 percent of the population attend church each Sunday - American Sociological Review

The Average Church attracts fewer than 90 adults on a typical weekend. 60% of protestant churches have 100 or fewer adults on a typical weekend. Just 2% of churches attract more than 1 000 adults on a typical weekend - Barna.

90% of congregations have 350 or fewer people. -National Congregations study

The Medium U.S. Congregation has just 75 regular participants and an annual budget of $90000. National Congregational Study.

Churches of 200 or less are Four times more likely to plant a Daughter Church than churches of 1000 or more. The Pattern continues - the smaller the size of the church the more fertile they are in planting churches. - Lifeway.

The Church to population ratio in the United States peaked at one church for every 430 people In World War 1, But Today there is only one church for every 6, 194 people. In Canada the ratio is 1: 115, 040. - North American Mission Board (outreach magazine - July/Aug. 2014. pg.71)

Looks like we have a lot of work to do ...big church, small church ... The Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church and the challenge is to reach the lost. Are you with me?

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Currently Reading: Overwhelmed by Perry Noble.

Judges Sermon Series

Just started a new sermon series this past Sunday on the introduction to Judges ...Broken people = faithful God. what lessons or series are you currently going through?

Preaching: A Review.

Just finished reading this book by Calvin Miller. question is where was this book when I was in Bible College? A good simple read on brushing up one's preaching skill .... A must book for any minister's library.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So yesterday I had the chance to talk to some future "JCs" or Junior Counselors. These young adults are in a week of camp with hands on experience - and different sessions teaching them what it means to be in camp. My topic: How to stay motivated even when you are tired.

So my text was from Jonah 4. Jonah whining ...... and yet God says aren't the people more important than that silly vine.

Here are several tidbits I shared:

Stay motivated:

I. Because camp is about the campers and not about you.

II. You might be the only Jesus these kids see.

III. It is about life change.

IV. It is about serving God - from toilets to kitchen duty to the fun.

V. It is about Fun, Fellowship and Friends .... pace yourself.

Shared my testimony of how God used me ..from broken home to a home church to college to being in ministry now.

In the session we did what I called the http://www.wikihow.com/Play-the-Human-Knot-Game

All in all .... God can use these young adults to point young minds to well ..Jesus. some of my best staff have been the JCs.

The Body of Christ.

This past sunday I preached on the purpose of the church. On Tuesday I had a chance to talk to Junior 1 Campers (3-5th graders) about the Body of Christ and using their talents for it.

The outline of my message went like the following:

Why the Body? That the Church is the Body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12.

How we can be the body? Example of camper and showing off their muscles.

Using their talents and gifts for God.

what should we be doing? Working together. God needs more Christians in every field. Asked campers what wanted to be ..answers varied from wrestler, soccer player, dancer, police office, dinosaur bone examiner etc.

Cited how Cain was jealous of his brother. We need to treat others well and see them as God sees them ...loved and His. (On a side note I did tell the kids how special they are how God sees them as his children and princesses and warriors for Him)

We recited that God can use me. And He can. They (The campers) are not only the church of tomorrow but also the church today. Let's be His Body.